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Get your copy of PIE and learn how to build agile teams, and take ideas to market in 15 steps, in under 90 days. 

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Whether you laredy have an internal innovation lab or are looking to build one to foster a culture & ecosystem of innovation, we can help. 


A PIE® Kit includes everything you need to work with a team to co-create ideas and build out your project. 

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We give entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and educators the tools, resources and strategic guidance needed to solve problems and create business opportunties.

Learn Skills. Create a Project. Launch your Future. 

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The innovation ecosystem is a driving force in the economy and both organizations and governments need more highly skilled people to remain competitive in this hyper-competitive marketplace. With the PIE® Program, we give you the skills, knowledge and experience to compete in the new economy. 

So, What is PIE®?

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Prepr offers the PIE® Book, PIE® Kits, and Innovation Lab Programs (ILP™) to our Partner co-LAB Network. 

An interdisciplinary problem solving framework. A 3-phase method, 15 steps combining project leadership, innovation & entrepreneurship to build an agile team, turning real-world challenges into business opportunities in 90 days or less. 
Phase 1 - Project Leadership
Build a cross-functional agile team and learn to get things done
Phase 2 - Innovation
Understand your users' problems and create solutions that delight them
Phase 3 - Entrepreneurship
Experiment with channels, customer segments and your value story to find a fit that works.  

How Prepr Helps You Get Ahead

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PIE is an interdisciplinary problem solving framework; a 3-phase method, 15 steps to go from idea to market in 90 days or less.

Apply the PIE method to a real-world challenge and gain the skills employers want today.

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is Here.

Gain both the soft & interdisciplinary skills needed to solve real-world challenges and create business opportunities. Become more employable by building your project portfolio and verifying your skills with Prepr Certifications. Getting started is as easy PIE®

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Prepr is building a global network of labs to connect entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and educators to co-Learn, co-Lab, & co-Solve real-world challenges and create business opportunities.

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